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A loot box is like an in-game lottery ticket: for a small fee, involving real money, a player can purchase an assortment of items that promise to enhance the game experience. In Overwatch, a pack of five loot boxes ($4.99) might land you a legendary skin that makes your Hanzo character look like a Kabuki figure. In FIFA 18, a Premium Gold Pack ($7.50) might get you Messi and some valuable player contracts for your Ultimate Team. The emphasis is on might: you might get Messi, but more likely you’ll get some bench player from an Italian Serie A squad whom nobody will want when you try to trade him. The actual odds of winning a legendary Overwatch skin are somewhere between one in eleven and one in thirteen. Loot boxes are an appealing source of income for game developers, and they’ve been integral to the rise of smartphone “freemium” games, which are free to download but can’t be fully enjoyed unless the player pays for in-app boosts. For pretty much everyone else, loot boxes are a scourge. Players hate that they have to pay extra just to be competitive. Parents hate discovering, too late, that several hundred dollars in Clash Royale arena packs have been charged to their credit card. And, increasingly, government regulators are thinking that loot boxes look too much like gambling—gambling aimed at kids, no less. Belgium and the Netherlands have banned in-game loot boxes as a form of gambling, and Minnesota recently introduced a bill that would ban the sale of games containing loot boxes to people under the age of eighteen.

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